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These are not your granny's voice lessons

Embrace your inner nerd

An Olympic athlete training today wouldn't use techniques from the original 1896 games. So why do voice teachers? Our queer and female run studio exists to create artists who understand how to make the most out of their instruments through functional, evidence based training.

"Stephen Crisp (Nerd Singing) is a miraculous voice teacher. By that I mean he makes miracles happen with your voice. I’m an award- winning pianist who studied at Oberlin Conservatory and accompanied many voice lessons with voice faculty there. And they have nothing on Stephen Crisp. Do yourself a favor: Make sure your time and money are well-spent if you invest in voice lessons. This.Is.The.Guy. !!!"- James Hillis


Stephen and his team are all members of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc.

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"Singing is a skill not a talent. Strive for new skills and soon people will call you talented." -

Stephen Mark Crisp, Owner Nerd Singing

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Learn more about what clients have to say about their work with our studio of nerds!!!

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