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What the nerds have to say...

Parent and Student Testimonials 

"Expert in his field."- Kristy Bissel, New York Vocal Coaching

"My daughters are learning so much with their voice lessons! Stephen approaches them each as individuals and works with them patiently. He also pushes them to try new things with their voice and musicality. He allows them the space to see what they can accomplish with their singing and makes it fun!" - Tracey Simpson

"My daughter worked with Stephen for 2 years and not only did she improve her vocal skills, he helped her come out of her box and be confident in herself."- Brandy Cordy 

"Stephen is an incredible teacher! I worked with him for about two years and it was incredible how much my voice has improved. When I first started working with him, it actually hurt to sing. He helped me by teaching me many proper techniques and exercises to where eventually it doesn't hurt to sing at all! He was also always willing to help with any performance/audition that I needed help with. He is amazingly talented, both as a teacher and a singer, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their voice."- Dylan Klinginsmith

"Amazing amazing experience here. I took lessons for 5 years before graduation. I grew as a performer and vocalist every lesson. Stephen cares individually for each student and takes the time to understand them and their voice so he can more easily help them grow." - Terra Ficke 

"A wonderful vocal coach who genuinely cares about his students! An encouraging, welcoming educational environment for primarily vocalists as well as for dancer/actors learning to sing."- Alexia Minton, (current student of 6 years)

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