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Take my breath away

So I do a lot of in home lessons in Bethesda, Maryland. I started working at Imagination Stage during grad school and met a ton of students there and while working for Arena Stage. I love offering in home lessons in the DMV not just for the convenience it offers my clients but the step into their world it offers me as well! I LOVE getting to see each person's sense of style, their pets, books, art, and who they are as a person or as a family.

Each home is unique and structured differently to work for their family. Now imagine if two clients switched houses. One family has 2 moms and 3 kids and one family is a single dad with one kid. The one house has 4 bedrooms the other has 2. That switch wouldn't work... why? Each family has different needs and that makes the requirements for the homes different. Kinda like what I want to talk to you today. Different Breath Management for different styles of music.

A lot of voice teachers in DC I've noticed stick to one thought or technique for breathing. Many focus on a classical breathing style usually appoggio (which means in Italian "to lean"). Contemporary teachers use a more organic natural breath management system (similar to the classical French school of breathing). It calls on a more shallow and clavicular breathing system. It mainly focusing on alignment and relaxation.

At Nerd Singing we don't stick to one school of thought because each style requires different breathing strategies. You wouldn't want to singing "Open Arms" by Journey with the same technique as "Nessum Dorma" from the opera Turnadot. It would be like me making my client's switch houses. Same with our breathing!!! When I am working with a musical theatre student, they are going to need the know how to use different breathing techniques. Their legit golden age musical theatre repertoire like "Mr. Snow" from Carousel is going to call on a completely different strategy than "She Used to be Mine" from Waitress or "Burn" from Hamilton.

We at Nerd Singing make sure our online voice lessons have the same quality as our in home voice lessons in the DMV. The quality doesn't change just the platform!!! When we have our first voice lesson online, we will work on teaching you how to best utilize breath to reach you vocal goals. We are committed to making your voice lesson the best part of your day!!! With our staff remember it's not just the best voice teachers in the DMV, we are also voice science nerds. We know the body and how to make it your instrument!

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