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It's Not Guesswork, it's Science!!!

Welcome to the blooooooooooooooogggggg! Okay ya'll so I'm so excited you've decided to check out my quick tips to make your singing voice shhhhhhhhhine. I get a lot of singers new to my studio who love to sing, have great instruments but just do not know how to improve! I have even struggled with this at times as a singer. So here are is my first helpful tip....

Singing can be broken down into 5 main components!! So if something is going wrong it isn't this grand mystery as to what is the problem. It is most likely one to a few of the major components causing issues!!!! I am going to be delving deeper into each one in upcoming blogs!!! But for now the 5 components are....






Is there one of more of these you've never heard of? Why not become a voice nerd today and schedule your first lesson with me or one of my amazing teachers. You won't regret it.

Nerd On,

Stephen, The Voice Science Nerd

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